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Landscaping and Masonry Service

We here at Rynos Landscaping and Masonry wish to make sure that our clients are happy with the work we do for them. We believe our job is not finished until the client is 100% satisfied with the project. We put your interest first and make sure to give you the best quality work possible, for an affordable and fair price.

Introducing Rynos Landscaping and Masonry


Customer Satisfaction: Our Goal

A Licensed Masonry Contractor With Years of Experience

Rynos Landscaping and Masonry has been serving customers since 2004 and has since gained much more experience. Also, we are driven to make sure that the client is happy with their purchase and that it is everything they wanted.

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Only the Best Quality Material

We do steps with brick, blocks, regular, and stone.

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Fit to Your Liking

Paver patios, made with custom designs to fit virtually any area. If the customer has an idea of a design, we can make it work.

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Customized to Your Preferences

Sidewalks with concrete, pavers, blue stone.

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We use pavers, belgium blocks, and other kinds of materials.

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We use different materials of great quality to make pillars that add that extra flare to your walls or fences.

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Steps of Different Designs

Color matters too. We present the customer with different kinds of materials so they can decide what would work for them.


Industries of Expertise

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Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

We do Landscaping as much as Masonry. We aim to give you a garden that you will be very proud of and enjoy seeing every day.

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Laying the Brickwork of a Great Foundation

We make sure that the projects we build are built to last. Our job is to make sure you will have a long lasting project that looks great at the same time.

Tree Stump

Tree Service

Personalized Attention for All Your Needs

We both plant and remove trees and stumps on your property, along with transplanting trees. Your property is your canvas, and we are your brush!



We want to have contact with our clients so they are satisfied with the job that we do. We take calls all the time and make sure to reach back with you if not available.

1100 W 6th St
Plainfield, Union County 07063


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